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Welcome to Flower Hill

The Flower Hill grounds are open most weekdays from 9 am-1 pm at 1316 W. 6th Street, excluding public holidays. Stop by for a stroll or a picnic and learn more about the home and the Smoot family. 


We are currently open for tours inside the home by appointment only.

If you are unable to join us in person, we hope you will enjoy and explore some of our virtual tours and experiences on the website. 


Access to premises is only open during hours of operation or during officially-sanctioned museum activities.

  1. RISK: Visitors enter at their own risk to explore the grounds or attend an event.

  2. GENERAL CONDUCT: Visitors must conduct themselves with respect, thoughtfulness, and care towards others, the representatives of the Flower Hill Foundation, and the Foundation’s property and collections.

  3. PARKING: Vehicle parking is only available to those with ADA permits, or individuals with official business pre-arranged with the Foundation. Visitors arriving by car or motorcycle must park on their own. All personally-owned bikes and scooters are welcome. Please park rental bikes and scooters outside of the grounds.

  4. SERENE SURROUNDINGS: Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the serene surroundings. Amplified music, fires, fireworks, drones (with or without permit), or any other activity not conforming to the natural setting is prohibited. Picking of flowers, plants, or garden crops is prohibited.

  5. PATHWAYS: Visitors are welcome to explore the grounds on dedicated pathways or on the grass. Please refrain from walking in flower beds, the side yard along Pressler Street, or behind the chain-link fence in the back northwest portion of the property.

  6. ENTRANCE & EXIT: Visitors must exclusively enter and exit Flower Hill via the front gate located on Sixth Street (the location of this sign).

  7. BUILDING ACCESS: Only when escorted by an official Flower Hill Foundation docent, staff member, or representative, may a visitor enter any building on the premises.

  8. DOGS: Visitors may bring dogs, but dogs must be leashed at all times and dog-owners must remove all dog waste and supply their own clean-up bags. Dogs will be banned if visitors do not follow this policy.

  9. PICNICS & ALCOHOL: Visitors may picnic but must remove all waste from the grounds. Alcohol consumption is limited to official Foundation-sanctioned events and rentals.

  10. RESTROOMS: There are no public restroom facilities on the property. Public urination is strictly prohibited.

  11. LEGAL CONDUCT: Apart from the policies listed here, visitors must abide by all relevant city codes and ordinances of the City of Austin.

Visitors who violate any of the above policies of the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the property. Repeat violators will be banned from the property at the Foundation’s discretion.

Open grounds on the property is subject to posted hours and the availability of Foundation staff. Visitation is at the sole discretion of the Foundation. Flower Hill may close for special events which supersede posted hours.


All guns are prohibited from the grounds. Concealed carry is prohibited on the property.

Directions & Arrival

Flower Hill is located 5 minutes from central downtown Austin, just a few blocks west of the Lamar and W. 6th intersection.


Our main gate entrance is tucked back from W. 6th street between Winflo and Pressler on the north side of the street.


1316 W. 6th Street

Austin, Texas 78703

We encourage transit. Buses 4 & 663 stop immediately in front of Flower Hill's front gates at Cap Metro's 6th and Pressler stop. These buses make for a quick ride to-and-from Flower Hill from Downtown (less than ten minutes). Taking transit to Flower Hill helps the Museum fulfill its mission of environmental justice. 

Bikes are welcome to lock to the railings on the property. As of May 2022, the Museum is looking to install new bike parking.

Those driving to visit the museum grounds and not requiring ADA parking will need to find parking on their own. For more information, please view the Visitor Code of Conduct.

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