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Founding Donors

Event Sponsors


Natalie George Productions




Kulture Digital


Civil Goat Coffee Co.

Texas Keeper

Hope Family Wines

Deep Eddy Vodka

Zilker Brewing Company

Levi's Kitchen

Nine Banded Whiskey

Fronks Nut Milk

Minuteman Press

Neill-Cochran House Museum 

The Natural Gardner












McCook-Studios_2020.03 - Kick Ass Women
Founding Circle Brick Sculpture.jpg

Founding Circle of Donors

Mary E. Walker
Natalie George of Natalie George Productions
Nancy Wilson in memory of Sutton Page   
Christin Rowan of Nightcap
Jeremy Sexton and Kulture Digital
Douglas Drane Family Foundation in honor of Bettie Drane
Peter Flagg Maxson and John C. R. Taylor III
Steven Tomlinson and Eugene Sepulveda
Founding Circle Brick with Signature.jpg

Founding Donor Sculpture

Designed and Constructed by


Gifts of $1000-$4,999 made in 2018


Gifts of $1000-$4,999 made in 2020

Beverly Brooks

Darden Deviney and Jerry Osborn

Larry and Suzanne Stein

Sunny Casarez

William H. Press and Jeffrey Howell Fund

Interested in joining our Founding Circle of Donors with a gift of $5,000 or more? Contact the Executive Director to discuss the different levels of giving and the projects your gift will directly support. 

McCook-Studios_2020.03 - Kick Ass Women


Gifts of $10-$999 made in 2020

Aaron Clift

Alicia Barron

Anita S. Knight

Ann Venno

Ashley Landry

Billie Wimberly

Brenda Willis Scholin

Bryan Bayerdorffer

Carey Colley

Carol Blanchard

Christopher Beevers

Chuck Connolley

Dalee Perkins

Daniel Bennett

Darlene Berghammer

David Soto

Deaton Bednar

Diana Schmidt

Diane Jew

Dmitry Ionan

Eliza Blackman

Estefania Barreto

Evelyn Fujimoto

Felicia A Kongable

Frances B Lo

Frances Schmoker

Francine McGarrahan

Jack Taylor and Peter Maxson

James Robert Ward

Jane Nicholson

Jason Heffron

Jeffrey Howell

Joanne Hankamer

John Plyler and Suzanne Plyler

Joshua Thompson

Jude Hickey and Scott Roskilly

Julie Johnsson

Kandice Sanaie

Katalin Russay

Kathleen Beach

Kathleen Deaver

Kathryn Binder

Kay Sterling

Kelly Doggett

Kelly West

Kirk Scanlon

Laura Christman

Laura Velez

Lauren M. Siegel

Leon Whitney

Leslie Mitchell

Lisa Stone

Marc Pulver

FH 2019 Annual Report.png

Mary Martell

Maureen L Adair MD

Megan Cody

Melanie Mullan

Melissa Keane

Melissa Morrow

Melissa Rogers

Michael Polacheck

Miriam Kuznets

Misty Downing

Monica Wu Tran

Monika Rademacher

Nancy Toelle

Nancy Wilson

Omar McClung

Paige Booth

Patience A. Worrel

Patricia Adams

Patricia McCandless

Regina Vanburg

Rita L. Ewing

Robin Chotzinoff

Robin Grace Soto

Rosa Latimer

Sadie Langenkamp

Sally Baulch

Sally Griffin

Sally Watkins

Sara Jo Bell-Belknap

Sara Keitges

Sara Kennedy

Sara Koeninger

Sara Nelson

Sarah King

Scott Elswood

Serena G. Bolliger

Sharon Barr Haughey

Sharon Greenhill

Shelby Gill and Scott Jones

Sofia Gonzalez

Suzanne H. Graham

Sydney Landers

Tabith Molett

Thamica McCook

Valerie Fowler and Brian Beattie

Zofia Hunt

COVER FH 2020 Annual Report.png
McCook-Studios_2020.03 - Kick Ass Women


Gifts of $1000-$4,999 made in 2018 before we opened our doors.
We will always celebrate those donors who have been with us from the beginning.

Darden Deviney and Jerry Osborne

Jeff and Toni Albrecht

Larry and Suzanne Stein

Molly and Bryan Bayerdorffer

Elizabeth McGreevy

Robin Pearson and Family 

Sara Keitges and Family 

Sara Kennedy

Serena Bolliger

Tim Loving

Valerie Fowler and Brian Beattie

William H. Press and Jeffery Howell Fund


Gifts of $10-$999 made in 2018 before we opened our doors.
We will always celebrate those donors who have been with us from the beginning.

Aamil Sarfani

Alicia Barron and Lee Warriner

Alison and Richard Ryan

Ally Walsh

Andrea Perry

Andrew Long

Andrew McCalla

Angela Reed

Anne Pagenstecher Simpson

Annie Mistak

Ashlee Lukoff

Beverly Brooks

Billie Wimberly

Brooke Bailey

Carmen Palo

Caroline Poe

Ceci and Jerry Miller

Chris Schorre

Christi Moore

Coleman Steagall

Curtis Gravatt

Daria Fontani and Family

David Soto

Dede Spontak

Delayna Kessler

Denise Younger

Diana Smith

DJ Stout

Dolores Spontak

Doug Brown

Duberly Mazuelos

Elizabeth Deleon

Elizabeth Lay

Elizabeth Roper

Eva Gil

Felicia Kongable

Frank Leonardo

Gregory and Veryan Thompson

Holly Vierk

Jack Taylor and Peter Maxson

Jacqueline Augenbrun

Jane Nelson

Janice Burckhardt

Jeanne Broussard

Jennifer Golden

Jennifer Rogers

Jessica Fish

Jessica Powers

Jessica Wassenaar

Jessie Deimler Hoff

Joan Hyde

Joanne Hankamer

Jody Benson

John Bosco

John and Suzanne Plyler

Jonathan Barona

Jude Hickey and Scott Roskilly

Judith Brown

Julia Totten

Julie Itz

Katherine O'Neill and John Michael Mullen

Kathie Sever

Kathleen Deaver

Kathryn Goodwin

Katie Bucur

Katy Taylor

Kay Faris

Kelsey Eidson

Kevin and Jeana Lungwitz

Kindal Keen

Kirk and Liz Scanlon 

Laura and Mateo Clarke

Laurie Winfield

Leslie Mitchell

Linda Kemp

Linda and Richard Sylvan

Lisa Maxwell

Lisa Millman

Lonn Taylor

Lorri and Michael Michel

Magali Pijpers

Malena Pennycook

Margaret Henkels

Maria and Michael Molett

Maria Diaz

Marisa Thompson

Mary Wasiak

MaryPat Waldron

Matti Hautala

Megan Cody

Melissa Keane

Melissa Knight

Miriam Kuznets and Family 

Mo Scollan

Nurrie Wilson

Paul Silver

Phoebe Waldron and Christian Trapp

Rachel Ney

Rene Chavez

Renee Keeney

Rhonda Kulhanek

Ricci Ittner

Robin and Adam Soto

Robin Chotzinoff and Eric Dexheimer

Rosemary Merriam and George Warmingham 

Sally Hartman

Sam Hildebrand

Sara and Kelsey Tasch

Sarah and Jared King 

Sarah Thompson

Saralyn Stewart

Scott Doughty

Scott Marks

Sheila Stricker

Shelby Gill and Scott Jones

Sheryl O'Briant

Stephanie Lambert

Strelizia Foundation

Sunny Casarez

Tabitha Molett

Theresa Melomo

Trish Badeen

Valerie Chaussonnet

Wendy Todd

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