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The Smoot story demonstrates and champions the lives of the people who make our country run. 

By reflecting on and learning more about the lives of teachers, journalists, religious leaders, city workers, organizers, and local citizens, we may continue to resuscitate this quintessentially American trait of civil service, as well as inspire and establish new avenues and methods to act in service of our society.


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A growing database of Jane Smoot's former students provides insight into how many lives a single educator can touch, her collected teachings evidence the tireless intellectual efforts a teacher commits to over a lifetime, and her insights on social and cultural changes over the course of the 20th century provide a profound study on America’s trajectory away from selfless engagement and towards private advancement. 

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The Smoot story is the story of the majority, the masses. Short of a rags to riches tale, this is a rags to sustenance tale. An enduring Smoot legacy, especially in the face of a rapidly changing city and national character, will ennoble the tradition of the hardworking American, finding a place in history for us all. 


Though Miss Smoot left behind many materials and instructions, the Flower Hill team is building the museum from the ground up and will need plenty of help as we continue to grow.