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Meet the director

Interim Executive Director

Natalie George

Natalie George has served the Flower Hill Foundation in multiple capacities for the last 6 years, Currently serving as the Director of Mission.


She has a performing arts background and has worked in non-profits for over two decades. In 2017 She formed her own company, Natalie George Productions, that umbrellas design and execution of events, award winning lighting designers, equipment rental, commercial lighting design, and artist management.


Her desire to suppress the fear of doing too much and having a life that doesn't fit neatly into a box is well met with the Smoot's sense of dream big, work hard, travel far, take it all in, share what you have, and quite literally fit it ALL under one roof.

Business Manager

Tammy Whitehead

Tammy Whitehead is a native of Austin, Texas. She has worked in theatre production in Austin for over 30 years as a stage manager, AD, and producer, and has stage-managed Austin music venues. She’s been the business manager for Hyde Park Theatre for over 20 years, and done administrative work for Natalie George Productions.


Her main love is anything band related, primarily with high school and college-aged kids. This includes working marching band events and helping to run an indoor percussion ensemble. Tammy fell in love with the Flower Hill house the first time she walked into it, and is honored to serve the foundation.

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The Staff and Board of Trustees include subject matter experts in the fields of historic preservation, museum curation, fundraising, education, strategic planning, infrastructure assessment, nonprofit management, ecology, and research planning and development.

After hosting several historic house museum directors; preservationists; and preservation student groups, teachers, and historians at the home; the governing body was able to determine exactly what makes Flower Hill a vital and viable part of Austin’s historic and nonprofit tapestry. 


To rise above convention, and offer a new championing voice for preservation, Flower Hill aims to contextualize local, state, and national history through the guise of recognizable community figures—religious leaders, teachers, and citizen historians who offer a comforting (rather than intimidating) connection to the past, and exemplify a pathway to how visitors can contribute to their local, state, and national communities today. 

Meet  The  Board

Board Chair
(Director of Mission)

Vice Chair of the Board


Secretary of the Board

Trustee and Caretaker 
(Ex-Officio Board Member)


Board Member

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Board Member

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Board Member


Advisory Committee

Historic Land Preservation Committee 

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Advisory Committee

Former Executive Director 


Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Business Manager

Interested in serving on the Board of Trustees or joining a committee?

Please email for more information about the different ways you can support our organization. 

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