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Urban Homestead Museum

The Flower Hill Urban Homestead is a celebration of American civil servants, the unsung foundation of our great city and society. By using pieces of the past—including three centuries’ worth of furnishings, textiles, and texts; a gorgeous Texas wildscape, which is home to six historic out-buildings, ponds, and rockeries; and the whole Smoot family story—combined with the Flower Hill Foundation’s unique drive to play an active role in the world today, the Foundation will establish an inclusive space where Austin’s fundamental beliefs are celebrated and a culture of creativity and civic mindfulness is cultivated to take on the challenges of the future.


Our mission

The Flower Hill Foundation exists to honor the late Jane Smoot’s vision to celebrate an Austin founding family of civil servants; preserve one of the city’s last historic homesteads; and empower, inspire, and engage the diverse Austin community of today and tomorrow.

Our vision

The Flower Hill Foundation aims to provide Austin the same services and opportunities the Smoot family did throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the twenty-first. Wherefore, by maintaining a space for individualism, artistic expression, and civic engagement at the Flower Hill Urban Homestead Museum, generations will have the chance to build and project their own future on a piece of Texas history through community, conservation, and the arts.

our values

At Flower Hill we honor commitment, transparency, reverence, experimentation, and Jane Smoot's family creed to: 

Eat it all;

Use it up;

Save it for best;

Wear it out;

Work to earn;


Flower Hill Foundation

Flower Hill Foundation

Founders' Video
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