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Historic Land Preservation & Development Plan 

Elizabeth McGreevy— ecologist, landscape architect, and native plant expert and enthusiast— has been instrumental in developing the Historic Land Preservation and Development plan for Flower Hill. The site plan outlines the existing historical features along with the proposed enhancements and reconstruction projects to restore the 1.38 acres of Texas Wildscape to their original beauty. 

Feeding native white tailed deer at the chicken coops. 

(Legend # 23)

Jane Smoot climbing fences. 

(Legend # 21)

Add walking trails and reset flagstone walkways. 

(Legend # 1 and #7)

Examples of Historical reconstruction Elements 

The first greenhouse before it became the rose arbor. 

(Legend # 12)

The rose arbor today as built by Weigl's Ironworks. 

(Legend # 8)

Sitting on one of the wooden benches along the entry drive.

(Legend # 2) 

Please Note

Full site plan with legend is not mobile friendly.

Please visit from your desktop for the complete vision. 

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